Breakfast Cutlery Set, Honey with Mother of Pearl, 3 pieces, 1 person

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Convenient to order along:

-+Breakfast Knife Honey (€ 10,95)

-+Breakfast Fork Honey (€ 8,95)

-+Breakfast Spoon Honey (€ 8,95)

-+Teaspoon / Coffee spoon Honey (5,3 inch) (€ 7,95)

-+Teaspoon / Coffee spoon Honey (5,7 inch) (€ 7,95)

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    DescriptionBreakfast Cutlery Set, Honey with Mother of Pearl, 3 pieces, 1 person
    For breakfast, EME Napoleon has designed cutlery that is smaller than the dinner cutlery. The cutlery is available in a set (fork, spoon and knife), but the cutlery can also be ordered separately.

    3-piece breakfast cutlery set for 1 peson. The cutlery set contains: 1x breakfast spoon, 1x breakfast knife, 1x breakfast fork.

    Product range:
    The breakfast cutlery set is available in various beautiful colours. You can also order the forks, spoons and knives separately in the webshop.

    (length) spoon: 19 cm (7,5 inch); knife: 19,5 cm (7,7 inch); fork: 19 cm (7,5 inch).

    The cutlery is made of stainless steel and has a plastic handle. The steel is made of stainless steel (also called chrome steel or chrome nickel). The steel consists of 18 parts chrome steel and 10 parts nickel. This is also referred to as 18/10. The nickel ensures that the cutlery shines beautifully.

    The handle is made of metal acrylic. It is a hard plastic (similar to plexiglass). It is heat resistant and very strong material. Ideal for cutlery. The cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher by using these high-quality materials.  

    Dishwasher suitable:
    The cutlery is of high quality and can be washed in the dishwasher.
    Please read the dishwasher instructons from EME

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    Babette van Alphen - TripPosted on 17/05/2024

    Hoe het verpakt is is heel leuk maar wel echt verspilling. Inpakpapier, doosje, ander leuk velletje en dan nog plastic en dan heb je eindelijk je bestek.

    E.A. FreymannPosted on 30/12/2023

    Het bestek is wat kleiner dan het diner bestek

    Anouc SonneveldPosted on 03/01/2023

    Super bestek! Al jaren fan!

    Joke Van der VeldenPosted on 13/09/2022

    Ziet er prachtig uit, heb er al het een en ander van en blijf mooi!