How to Set the Table

Setting the table correctly is also an important aspect to keep in mind when buying cutlery. Make sure you have the right cutlery for each course of the meal and that the cutlery is placed correctly according to etiquette.
Is a dinner planned soon? Then you've probably already thought about the table setting. But how exactly should you do that and how do you ensure that your table looks beautiful? Below, we give a brief overview.
There are some basic rules for setting the festive table, but don't be discouraged: there is always room for creativity. For example, if you don't have the same plate for everyone, you can look for a common factor, such as all floral patterns or everything in blue and white. That way, your festive table also looks beautiful.


Choose a tablecloth that suits the occasion. A solid color is always a safe choice. Make sure the tablecloth does not protrude more than 20 cm over the edge, otherwise your guests will have a piece of fabric on their laps. With a beautiful runner over the tablecloth, you make the table extra festive.


Place the plates about a finger's width from the edge of the table. Do not place them too close together so that your guests have enough space. Do you opt for simple, white plates that you dress up with accessories yourself, or do you go for a fashionable, colorful dinnerware? The choice is yours. A charger plate with a napkin is placed at the bottom left of the plate.


Place the forks to the left of the plate and the knives and spoons (in that order) to the right of the plate. Place the cutlery in the order of the courses, from outside to inside. Make sure the cutting edges of the knives point inwards. Place a dessert spoon above the plate, with the handle on the right side. And don't forget: forks and spoons are placed with the convex side up.


Only place glasses that match the drinks you are serving. For example, red wine glasses are larger than white wine glasses. Place the first glass you use all the way to the right and then work your way in. Place the water glass all the way to the left. Tilt the glasses.


Accessories are essential for a beautiful table. Think of a beautiful salt and pepper set, a sugar bowl, and a tea box. With these details, you can express your own style.