We primarily sell our cutlery to consumers only. In exceptional cases, we supply cutlery to businesses at a purchase price determined by us. This depends, among other factors, on the type of business and the expected number and size of orders. Please note: We exclusively buy and sell EME cutlery from the Napoleon series.

Cooperation Terms:

  • You can only purchase items if you have a valid registration with the Chamber of Commerce and your activities, in our judgment, are relevant to the product. Once registration ends or activities are modified, cooperation will cease.
  • You can only purchase and order items online via www.emenapoleon.com if they are in stock. If an item is out of stock, please leave your email address.
  • For larger orders, a deposit of 30% may be required.
  • The terms regarding shipping and delivery, defects and warranty, returns, privacy, and general conditions that apply to consumers also apply to you. For more information, visit: Customer Service.
  • The return conditions do not apply to orders that have been procured for you in Italy because they cannot be delivered from stock.
  • Always inform your customers about the dishwasher instructions. Please resolve warranties and complaints initially with the customer.

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