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Discover the Perfect Blend of Design, Color, and Quality: The Spaghetti Spoon by EME Napoleon

At EME Napoleon, we understand that cooking is not just about creating delicious dishes but also about the aesthetics of the kitchen. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our la...

Ontdek de Perfecte Mix van Stijl, Kleur en Kwaliteit: De Spaghetti Lepel van EME Napoleon

Bij EME Napoleon begrijpen we dat koken niet alleen draait om smaakvolle gerechten, maar ook om de esthetiek van de keuken. In dit artikel laten wij u graag kennis maken met onze S...

The Elegance of Napoleon Cutlery: A Colorful Dining Experience with Italian Class doesn't just offer cutlery; it's about the complete experience. From colorful handles and dishwasher resistance to the Italian craftsmanship of the EME brand, eve...

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Buy cutlery? Wide range: 19 colors, 36 types

Welcome to, the ultimate destination for high-quality cutlery from the renowned EME brand in the Napoleon series. Are you looking for beautiful, high-quality cutlery? Do you need cutlery for everyday use? Or do you prefer to save it for special occasions? Be enchanted by the ambiance and allure of our exquisite cutlery. The Napoleon series originates from the Italian brand EME. Appropriately so, because in which country is the art of fine dining better understood than in Italy? Beautiful cutlery simply belongs there. Take a look at the extensive assortment in the various categories or colors.

Discover our stunning collection of cutlery sets, where quality and style converge for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you're in search of modern cutlery, classic cutlery, or colored cutlery, EME Napoleon's cutlery fits any desired style! We have everything you're looking for.

Our cutlery is not only of outstanding quality but also dishwasher-safe for ultimate convenience. Want to enjoy this beautiful cutlery for many years? Then read our dishwasher instructions. Cutlery shopping has never been easier. Explore our selection of cutlery with colored handles, elevating your table setting to the next level.

From elegant forks to stylish knives and practical spoons, has everything you need to complete your table. With our diverse assortments of cutlery sets and cutlery cassettes, including serving spoons, cake forks, teaspoons, and cutlery for tapas: you'll find exactly what you're looking for for any occasion.

Don't wait any longer and let yourself be inspired by our collection. Browse our collection and discover why our cutlery is the perfect addition to your dining room.

Choose quality, choose style, choose!

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