The cutlery is broken. Do I have a warranty?

First check whether you have cutlery from EME. The brand is engraved in the metal of the cutlery. We provide a standard 1 year warranty on the cutlery. You only get a warranty if you have purchased the cutlery from us. If you have bought the cutlery elsewhere, you must contact this point of sale.

No warranty is given if damage is due to incorrect use or maintenance (see our maintenance instructions).

If the product is defective, you must first contactus about the defect (see contact details).

Returns are free of charge in case of a defect covered by the warranty. We will replace or reimburse the product as soon as possible. You can also deliver the product to us and/or exchange it. You must first make an appointment for this.

In the event of a refund, the full purchase amount will be refunded, the previously paid shipping costs and the shipping costs for the return will be reimbursed.

Why is my cutlery broken?

Napoleon's cutlery consists of 2 parts: plastic and metal. The weakest piece is always the connecting piece. The cutlery is simply more fragile than cutlery that consists of 1 piece of metal or plastic.

The cutlery from EME Napoleon is made of strong materials and of such quality that it can be washed in the dishwasher and that you can enjoy it for many years. We recommend that you read the maintenance instructions carefully.

The quality of the cutlery can decrease if you do not adhere to the maintenance instructions.

The key measures are:

  • Remove food residues before placing the cutlery in the dishwasher.
  • Preferably, do not use dishwasher salt.
  • If you choose to use dishwasher salt, pay attention to the following: after pouring the salt into the tank, using the funnel, closing the cap, and wiping any spilled liquids with a damp cloth, run an empty washing cycle to eliminate any salt residues, as they could otherwise damage the cutlery during the washing cycle.
  • Place the cutlery in the dishwasher with the handles facing upward.
  • Use neutral, acid-free, and lemon-free dishwasher tablets.
  • Do not wash at too high a temperature.

Are you in doubt? Then simply wash the cutlery by hand.

The metal of the intermediate piece is corroding. What can I do?

    • In addition to the dishwashing instructions, we recommend the following:
  • We recommend regular cleaning of the metal spacer with a stainless steel cleaner to prevent discoloration.
  • A wad of aluminum foil in the cutlery tray or cutlery drawer prevents staining or tarnishing and restores shine to the cutlery.
  • Do not use salts or water softener when washing the cutlery.
  • If the spacer does get discolored, you can gently lighten it with a scouring pad and abrasive. Be careful not to scratch the other metal of the cutlery with the scouring pad. 

There are small white dots / spots in the (mother-of-pearl) colored handle. What should I do?

Sometimes, after a few years, one or more white dots may become visible in the mother-of-pearl colored handle of the cutlery. You can easily remove these by heating the handle above a heat source (lighter). Do not hold it too close to the handle. You can remove any black residue from the flame afterwards with water, soap, and a cloth. The white spots will then have disappeared.

The color of the handle differs from my existing cutlery. How did that happen?

Have you owned cutlery for a long time and recently bought some more? Then it is possible that the new cutlery is sometimes slightly lighter or darker. Over the years, minor changes have been made to the manufacturing process. If you have had the cutlery for a very long time, it is possible that the color has changed slightly. Unfortunately we cannot solve this.