Where should I pay attention when buying cutlery?

Buying cutlery may seem straightforward, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind to make the best choice for your needs. Below, we discuss in detail some of the key factors to consider when purchasing cutlery.

Key Considerations When Buying Cutlery

When buying cutlery, there are several important aspects to consider:


Cutlery can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium, and even plastic. Each material has its own characteristics and benefits, so it is important to consider which material best suits your preferences, budget, and usage.
The EME cutlery is made of stainless steel and has a plastic handle. The steel is made of noble metal (also called chrome steel or chrome-nickel). The steel consists of 18 parts chrome steel and 10 parts nickel. This is also referred to as 18/10. The nickel ensures that the cutlery shines beautifully. The handle is made of metal acrylic. It is a hard plastic (similar to plexiglass). It is heat resistant and very strong material. Ideal for cutlery.

Price and Quality

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to cutlery, from very cheap to very expensive. Generally, more expensive cutlery is often of better quality and lasts longer, but this is not always the case. It is important to weigh the price against the quality and durability of the cutlery.
The EME Napoleon cutlery belongs to the mid-range segment. So, it is not cheap cutlery, but it also certainly does not belong to the highest (most expensive) category. The quality is excellent, and the cutlery lasts a long time. Because the cutlery consists of two parts (metal and plastic handle), it is more vulnerable than cutlery consisting of one part (metal). Through the use of high-quality materials, durability and quality are guaranteed.

Dishwasher Resistance

Not all cutlery is dishwasher safe. If you prefer convenience and want to be able to clean your cutlery in the dishwasher, make sure to choose cutlery that is dishwasher safe.
The EME cutlery can be placed in the dishwasher because it is made of high-quality materials. You should follow the dishwasher instructions.

Colored Handles

Colored cutlery can be a fun and playful addition to your table setting. It is important to consider whether you want to invest in colored cutlery and whether it matches the rest of your tableware and interior.
The range in this webshop of EME Napoleon consists only of colored cutlery. The handles of the cutlery are available in different colors. You can choose from calm but also more outspoken, bright colors. The colors are generally executed with a mother-of-pearl sheen. In addition to mother-of-pearl cutlery, there is also cutlery without mother-of-pearl handles in the assortment.

Types and Styles of Cutlery

There are different types and styles of cutlery, including:

Table Cutlery

This includes knives, forks, and spoons used at the meal.
In this webshop of EME Napoleon, you can buy cutlery cassettes, cutlery sets, but also individual knives, forks, and spoons.

Special Cutlery

These are special pieces of cutlery, such as cake forks, fish cutlery, and salad cutlery, used for specific dishes.
In addition, EME also has chopsticks, pizza cutters, cake cutlery, and cutlery for tapas in the range.

Serving Cutlery

This includes items used for serving various types of food. Of course, this serving utensil should not be missing from our assortment. A wide range of different serving spoons for potatoes, vegetables, rice, pasta, and more. For serving salad, EME has a beautiful salad set consisting of a serving spoon and salad fork in its assortment. And of course, the ladle cannot be missing! Particularly beautiful are the spaghetti servers, lasagna spoons, serving forks, meat forks, and gravy ladles. These utensils truly complete your cutlery set!

How is EME cutlery made?

EME is the largest cutlery factory in Europe. This factory is located in Italy, in the city of Lumezzane (near Milan). Would you like to take a look at the EME factory? More information about EME and a video can be found on the page: about EME Napoleon. EME offers various types of cutlery. Only the cutlery from the Napoleon series is available in this webshop.

How do I place cutlery on the table?

This is a question that is often asked. According to etiquette, there are rules about how to set the table. Where should the cutlery be placed? And which tableware should you use? Where are the glasses placed? If you have a formal or informal dinner coming up and would like to know how to set the table correctly, read our article: How to place cutlery on the table.


When buying cutlery, there are various factors to consider, including material, price, dishwasher resistance, and style. By taking these factors into account and choosing cutlery that suits your preferences and needs, you can ensure that you find the perfect cutlery set for every occasion.
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