How can I pay?

The following secure payment methods are active in this webshop:

I have received an order confirmation but have not yet paid. What should I do now?

As soon as you have placed the order and are forwarded to the payment page, you will receive a confirmation of the order by email. Sometimes it happens that the payment is not successful.

Have you canceled the payment yourself because you do not want to continue the order?

Then you don't have to do anything. Your order will be automatically canceled. You can also ignore payment reminders that are automatically sent. You can also send us an email and indicate that you would like to cancel the order. Then we will do this for you and you will not receive any e-mails with payment reminders. If you have an account, you can also log in and cancel the order in your account yourself.

Has the payment been interrupted or failed and do you want to continue the order?

If you have an account, you can also log in and pay for the order in your account. You can also transfer the invoice amount to our bank account number, quoting your order number. 

I want to transfer the amount. What are the bank details of EME Napoleon?

IBAN: NL14INGB0005970700
Account holder: Napoleon Bestek Breukelen

Bank Name: ING Bank

I want to redeem a gift card or enter a discount code. How do I do that?

Do you have a gift card from EME Napoleon and want to redeem it? You can do that on the Checkout page. There is an option: 'Add a discount code or gift card'. Once you enter the gift card code here, the amount will be deducted from the total.

Do you have multiple gift cards?

Then you can enter a new code each time after entering and applying the gift card.

Do you have insufficient or excess balance on your gift card for the purchase?

If you have insufficient balance on your gift card for the purchase, you can pay the remaining amount using another chosen payment method. If you have excess balance on your gift card, the remaining amount will stay on your card and you can use it for a future purchase. You can check your balance on the "Gift Card" page.